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WordFactory translates & more


WordFactory, based in the Netherlands and founded in 1989, offers translations and related services to customers worldwide. The company is privately owned and is a strong believer in "lean & mean" operations. The scope of its translation services is broad: from marketing material to automotive diagnostics, and they are offered from and into most common languages. Take a look at our Expertise page to find out we have the expertise that matches your market.

Translating is all about making sure that your message loses none of its meaning and impact when converted into another language which is embedded in another culture and market. You can trust our expertise to perform these services within your budget and your time frame.

If your deadlines are desperate or your project has such complexity that it can only be run on your own equipment in cooperation with your own team, we will gladly provide you with our specialists to assist you in your own environment.

Maybe you are in need of some special words? WordFactory maintains a Dutch thesaurus which is available for licensing. Microsoft for instance uses it in its Office products. Our thesaurus material is well suited for integration in any application that processes text and for integration in search engines to be used on intranet or internet. Have a look at our special Thesaurus page for more information.

Please contact us for a free no-strings-attached quotation or for any other question you might have.